I had a visitor! Part 2!

Alright, next day.  If you have ever been to New York, if you live here, if you have flown over the city, read a book, seen it on t.v., uttered its name, etc. then you may have a slight knowledge about this magical land.  It is huge.  It is exciting.  It is a rush.  It is sardine packed.  It is isolating.  It is old. It is ever changing.  It is and will be for quite some time my home.  I still can’t tell you how happy this makes me, too!

The day was spent with breakfast in Chelsea, walking through the Flat Iron District, going to Battery Park, seeing the Statue of Liberty (from a distance – government shutdown, duh.), Financial District, World Trade Center, Trinity Church, Brooklyn Bridge in the midst of a protest march, Washington Square Park, Union Square, and somehow I feel that I maybe leaving something out.  Whatever it is, it too only made me realize how big and how little we really did not do.  So much can be seen here, so where do you even begin?  It’s a field trip everyday here, and I was once again reminded with my friend’s visit.

Saturday’s tasty beverage: Stella Artois.  Okay, so it’s nothing fancy.  It’s a typical imported beer that most bars and restaurants have.  This beer though, good.  I like it.  It makes me happy.  And, it added atmosphere to the Brooklyn bar, Union Hall, when we ventured out last night.  I’ll admit, we went to Brooklyn for a dance party there (dance party, I feel like I’m expecting streamers when I put it this way), but it was sold out.  While we waited for some friends to join up I went with the Stella for nostalgia reasons.  It reminded me of home.  It reminded me of college.  It reminded me that I can still have an imported beer at a well drink price.  All good things to remember.  Although I didn’t continue with Stella at our next location, I did hold onto the one at Union Hall as if it was a precious memory child.  Union Hall was great.  It has this amazing atmosphere with the bar directly in front of you when you walk in and a library-like setting to its left that extends toward a fireplace with a smaller study on the other side.  Beside that study there are two bocce ball courts with ambitious college aged/mid-twenties folks excited to play for the chance to say to their grandparents, of course I play bocce, I’m a natural!  Overall, great setting.  If the dance party on its lower lever hadn’t sold out, I would have taken my Stella to the dance floor and boogied all night long.

Instead, Home Sweet Home, again.  Night two.  After last night I’m giving that place a break.  I had a blast two nights in a row, but still.  I want to see more and the amount of guys that seemed to be there last night in comparison to the night before made me think that the statistic about there being more women than men in NYC was a lie.  Or, maybe the entire male population of Manhattan can just fit into the bar and every one of them just happen to be there.  Whatever the case, too many guys, too many dance blocks and fouls made, but so many great songs played.  I felt like I was reminiscing my elementary/middle school days with NSYNC, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, DMX, and J-Lo being mixed in with MGMT, Matt & Kim, The Ting Tings, Lady Gaga, and I’m pretty sure I heard some Hilary Duff in there, too.  All in all, fun.  I just wish with all the reminiscent music they had in there it could have been done with a Stella in hand.  Next time, I guess!

One of the events I wanted to do was a brewery tour of The Brooklyn Lager.  Unfortunately, time did not allow it.   To whomever may come visit me next, be prepared.  We will be brewing it up!

I know this one isn’t as exciting so I will leave you with “Wannabe” by Spice Girls.  Check it out and drink a Stella.  Or, just some water.

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